Mi Mix 3 benchmark nips the Snapdragon 855 rumor, but green and ‘Forbidden City’ versions are in store

Mi Mix 3 benchmark nips the Snapdragon 855 rumor, but green and ‘Forbidden City’ versions are in store: Xiaomi is gearing up to announce a phone with what could end up being the highest screen-to-body ratio ever, nearly 95%. How does the Mi Mix 3 do it?

Well, by employing the slider model that is becoming all the rage with Chinese manufacturers which were until recently being accused of blindly copying Apple’s notch-y concept for an “all-screen” phone design, instead of coming up with something original.

Well, back to the future it is with the newest Mi Mix, as all leaks and teasers hint at a slider design where the whole screen half clicks down to reveal the front-facing 3D-sensing camera kit and other frontal paraphernalia. Xiaomi also found a place for the thin earpiece slit there and a notification light, though – something that can’t be said for otherwise “landing strip” notch-y phones (cough, Pixel 3 XL, cough).
The “bezel-less” handset is about to be announced tomorrow, but a leaked poster from a Chinese store depicts a new and bold dark green color for the casing. That’s the important new, the less important stuff is that the Mi Mix 3 apparently won’t come with Snapdragon 855 as previously tipped, as a Geekbench entry suggests it will still sport Qualcomm’s finest for 2018, the Snapdragon 845.

Insiders have also tipped that a “Forbidden City” Special Edition of the Mi Mix 3 is slated for unveiling tomorrow, and that is the rumored model with the whopping 10GB RAM. Whether this “Forbidden” Mi Mix 3 will be the Snapdragon 855-ready model that could be released at a later date, remains to be heard.

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