Which iPhone XR color did you pick when you pre-ordered?

Which iPhone XR color did you pick when you pre-ordered?:
We’ve been hearing that Apple will resurrect its colorful past with the most affordable member of its 2018 iPhone crop – the 6.1″ LCD model, dubbed XR and, lo and behold, it did provide extra hues in spades.

The iPhone XR comes in Black, White, Blue, Red, Yellow, and Coral. We knew about the extra red and blue colors that will come, courtesy of previous leaks, but the yellow and coral took us by surprise. Coral, in fact, looks closer to an orange shade than anything else, while the blue is very light and airy. The red model is a (PRODUCT)RED edition, meaning that part of its proceeds go to charity, too.
Glass bodies are notoriously difficult to paint in multiple hues, so Apple only outed the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X in a limited palette. Now, however, practice has made perfect, and the Coral and Blue versions will be a welcome addition to Apple’s typical iPhone coloring book. This is why we are very curious to gauge which color will prove most popular for Apple, and wanted to ask you which of the six hues did you pick when you preordered your shiny new iPhone XR.