Sell your old phone on eBay and get paid instantly

Sell your old phone on eBay and get paid instantly : So let’s say that you just purchased the Apple iPhone XS Max and you have an iPhone X to sell. Or suppose the Google Pixel 2 XL you used all last year has been replaced with the new Pixel 3 XL, and you’d like to get rid of the older model. Today, eBay announced a new program called Instant Selling that quickly and easily turns your old phone into an eBay voucher that can be used for anything on eBay, including a new phone.

According to eBay, the entire process of selling your old phone and receiving an eBay voucher for payment takes minutes. Those listing a handset don’t have to wait for their phone to sell to receive the voucher. And eBay says that you’ll receive more money selling the handset through its new program than you’d receive from a trade-in provider.

A recent survey commissioned by eBay found that 61% of Americans have never sold or traded in a phone that they no longer use. 40% have two or more older handsets collecting dust in a drawer. Instead of letting these devices waste away, you can sell them on eBay and potentially earn an instant voucher worth hundreds of dollars toward a new phone, or anything else you see on eBay.

The entire process requires that you follow only five steps:

  1. Visit the Sell phone page at
  2. Enter information about your handset to determine if its eligible for instant selling.
  3. Add images of the phone, click on List and accept the terms.
  4. Receive an instant voucher which can be used to buy a new phone on eBay.
  5. Print out a dedicated eBay shipping label and ship the old phone.

The auction site says that this process will net you more than if you sell your old handset using, EcoATM, AT&T, Apple Give Back program and Verizon.

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