Further Details about Samsung Galaxy S10’s Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner:       By now, multiple sources have fueled the rumor mill with the hearsay that Samsung will employ a under-display fingerprint scanner on its Galaxy S10 and S10+ heavy-hitters. We’ve  also heard through the grapevine that Samsung’s solution will rely on a ultrasonic sensor. That’s unlike the few devices that under-display fingerprint scanners these days, as those utilize an optical solution.

Popular leakster @IceUniverse just chimed in with some rather intriguing details about the possible fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S10/S10+. Aside from corroborating the ultrasonic solution of Samsung’s upcoming flagships, the leakster also says that optical fingerprint scanners are 30% slower and have a much lower recognition area, which are both two key aspects of the already-blossoming new biometric functionality. Yes, we’ve tested devices with optical scanners, and while they have a very high success rate, they can hardly hold a candle to regular fingerprint scanners or face-identifying solutions in terms of speed.

Additionally, it’s said that Samsung will enjoy an exclusivity for both ultrasonic under-display fingerprints and its “new screen technology”. What this one might be, the leakster keeps mum, but we have a hunch it could be the rumored all-screen design with a pierced display that houses the front-facing camera below the glass of the display itself.

With the earlier news that the iris-scanning technology could get the kibosh, all of this sounds very logical – there’s a point where you can have one too many biometric features on deck – given that the Galaxy S10 will likely feature an under-display fingerprint and face-unlock, the irksome iris scanner is set to become redundant at best.

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