ASUS ScreenPad transforms the touchpad

ASUS ScreenPad transforms the touchpad : ASUS South Africa has unveiled its new premium ZenBook series – the ZenBook 13, ZenBook 14 and ZenBook 15, and most importantly, ZenBook Pro 14 – just weeks after its debut at CES in Las Vegas earlier this month.

The ZenBook Pro 14 features an innovative trackpad called ScreenPad, which is a matte touchscreen in place of the touchpad, and is designed for artists, designers, or any creator who’s on-the-go. It can also serve as an additional productivity tool for business users.

The ScreenPad combines a touchpad with a high-resolution, full-colour touchscreen to offer new ways of interacting with both Windows apps and dedicated programs called “ScreenPad Apps”. Adaptive functions with context-sensitive tools can simplify workflow, and it is customisable to allow users to personalise their experience.

“Since 1992, there hasn’t been much innovation on the touchpad,” said Jasmine Lin, product manager and marketing head at ASUS South Africa, at the local launch event on Tuesday. “That’s why we researched what consumers need from their computers – working with the consumer to create the ScreenPad.”

Lin added that the new laptops demonstrated significant development in a field that had not seen a lot of innovation in the past few years.

“Our new models all feature four-sided frameless ultra-slim bezels, which mean that screen size has increased significantly while the actual devices themselves haven’t. And they feature ASUS’ numeric keypads, which are built into the touchpads and allow for easier data entry. We also have fingerprint and face recognition options to make logging in easier and more secure.”

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